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In this video, experts in the woodworking industry share their experiences.

This video is an introductory part of a program that covers the basics of woodworking.

Interesting in starting out as a carpenter? Let these professional carpenters inspire you with their stories of how woodwork has impacted their lives.

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I come from a community of Fishermen.

My father's salary had to feed five of us.

So I had to learn to work.

There was no other way, I was not good at studies.

And nobody supported me to improve at academics.

But my father did support me to learn the job.

It was at a young age when I learnt each step of the job- cutting, planing, making mortises and tenons.

The A to Z of Carpentry, that's the only work that I do.

We started off essentially restoring old pieces of furniture.

We actually learnt from the carepenters who were working in the field.

But we were mechanical engineers, and we did buy books.

We studied the different types of joinery and how things can be improved from what they are doing.

I would say the Indian workers have this habit of 'jugaad.

' So they adapt to anything and everything.

He will pick up one bit from here and one bit from there, do some assembly and get the work done.

And because of that attitude to attack and learn anything, they are able to assimmilate the technology very fast.

There's more demand but there is a vacuum being created at the same time.

Learn the skills properly and the future is still very bright.

People will be running after you, not you after them.


Those who are fresh to the work need to want to learn it in the first place.

Ýou have to take it step by step and learn the details to go deeper into it.

It's not at all difficult to learn a new skill.

If you craft something out of your own hands there will always be someone to buy it.

The raw timber is brought in from the forest.

You'd look at it and wonder how to create a finished product.

You just do it, and that's toil.

If you work wholeheartedly, you will realize this.

When it's finally ready, you can relish its beauty.


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