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How to Make a Wedged Through Mortise and Tenon Joint - Part 2

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Learn to make a wedged through mortise and tenon joint.

Make sure you haven't missed the remaining videos teaching you how to make different types of joints in woodworking.
Prepare yourself for fine woodworking.

The step-by-step instructions in this two-step video tutorial will tell you everything you need to know to learn to make a wedged through mortise and tenon joint in your own woodworking and carpentry projects.

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How to Make a Wedged Through Mortise-and-Tenon Joint - Part 2.

If you have followed How to Make a Wedged Through Tortise and Tenon Joint - Part 1, you are now ready to make wedge slots on the tenon.

The three key steps are: Making the Wedge Slots, Making the Wedges and Assembly.

STEP 1: The wedge slot.

Mark two diagonal lines on the cheeks of the tenon that slant inward towards the endgrain, to saw slots into which wedges will be inserted.

Make sure it's not too close to the shoulders or ends of the tenon.

Transfer the lines onto the endgrain and saw slong both lines, being careful not to snap the part of the tenon that's on the outside of each cut.

STEP 2: The wedge.

Set a marking gauge to the width of the tenon.

Scribe all sides of a new workpiece of similar thickness, with the stalk of the marking gauge against the endgrain.

Here we have used a darker wood to create a contrast between the tenon and the wedge.

Saw off the marked out portion.

Mark a point about a centimeter from the edge and scribe a line along the point, transfering it to all sides.

Saw down the line and proceed to cut out a second piece of the same thickness.

Use a chisel and mallet to taper both the pieces into wedges.

Use a paring action for refined shaving, so that they are nealy paper thin on one end.

STEP 3: Assembly.

Use the mallet to tap the tenon into the mortise.

Make sure the pieces join at a right angle.

Now, champ the joint with the tenon facing up.

Use the mallet to tap the tip of a wedge into each of the two wedge slots.

Gradually, tap both of them into their respective slots, working them down together so they penetrate to the same depth.

When both wedges are in to their limit, saw off the protruding portions of the tenon and the wedges so they are flush with the mortise piece.

Clamp the joint with the tenon up and plane the surface so the pieces are uniform and smooth.

Notice that the wedges hold the joint in place and so it's not necessary to apply adhesive.

You know now how to make a Wedged Through Mortise and Tenon Joint.


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