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How to Make a Full Housing Joint - Part 2

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This video will instruct you on the steps to assemble a full housing joint.

This program is designed to address the needs of woodworking novices who wish to access the core concepts before stepping into the field.

Discover the different types of joinery and more from the rest this free series covering the basics of Woodworking.

Knowing how to make full housing joint is a useful skill to learn for your own woodworking projects. Master it using this simple two-part tutorial!

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Watch the video How to Make a Full Housing Joint part 1.

If you have followed How to Make a Full Housing Joint part 1, you can now continue to glue the pieces together.

Start by applying glue in the housing.

Apply generously but evenly.

Now, apply a thin layer on the tenon.

Use the mallet to assemble the pieces together and place it between the jaws of a T-bar Clamp.

Place a paper below the glued part of the joint and a piece of scrap wood to protect the piece from the jaw of the clamp.

Tighten the clamp half way and wipe away any extra glue with a damp cloth.

Use a mallet to correct the position of the fit as you check it with a try square.

Apply sawdust at the edges of the joint and let the glue dry.

Once the glue has dried, unclamp the joint and fix it by the tenon on a vice.

Use a bench plane to plane both the sides, untill it is consistent and smooth.

Now, turn the joint over so that you can clean the corners.

Use a bench chisel to pare along the corners untill you have a smooth finish free of dried glue or splinters.

You have now learnt how to make a full housing joint.


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