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How to Use a Spokeshave

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Watch this video to learn how to use a spokeshave to shape your woodwork.

This program aims at promoting knowledge and proficiency in woodworking.

The spokeshave is perfect for fine work. For more aggressive removal of material, watch our tutorial on How to Use a Drawknife.

We will be taking you step-by-step through everything you need to know to use a spokeshave to shape edgework and fine-tune curves in your woodworking projects.

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In this video you will learn how to use a Spokeshave.

A Spokeshave is a wood shaving tool used for fine finishing.

Its small bearing surface makes it perfect for shaping edge work and fine tuning curves.

Unlike the Draw Knife, a Spokeshave has a controlled depth of cut that is adjusted by extending or retracting the blade into the body of the instrument.

A thumbscrew on the Spokeshave opens the throat, deepening or refining the cut.

(((The material you will require is a workpiece with a curved edge.))))

The Spokeshave has a heel that you can rest on your work and control your cuts better.

There are two handles on either side which are held while pulling or pushing the tool against a workpiece.

Hold the handle of the Spokeshave lightly with either hand.

When pushing out the shave, use your thumbs to apply power through the cut.

When pulling the shave, use your index fingers to power the shave.

If you have difficulty starting a cut, begin with a skewed position of the blade.

Keep the edge of the blade engaged with the work and the blade tipped towards the contour of the piece.

To work a concave shape, shave down into the valley from both sides and lift up as you reach the bottom of the cut.

To cut a rectangular piece into a cylindrical shape, start by planing down the four corners to create an octagon.

Remember that it's always easier to work with the grain than to shave against the grain.

Now, continue eliminating corners till you are left with a circular cylindrical edge.

You have now learnt how to use a Spokeshave.


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