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How to Make a Comb Joint - Part 2

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This video will teach you to assemble the parts of a comb joint.

This video will be of help for anyone seeking free guidance and practical knowledge in the field of woodworking.

If you have enjoyed our woodworking program so far, make sure you watch the rest of the videos and try them all out for yourself.

Our two-part tutorial will take you through everything you need to know to make a comb joint in your own woodworking projects.

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Watch the Video How to Make a Comb Joint part 1.

If you have followed How to Make a Comb Joint part 1, you should now be ready to mark and cut out the second workpiece.

Step 1 - Cutting the second piece.

Fix the second piece on the vice with the endgrain facing up.

Hold the fingers of the first piece against the end grain of the second.

Use a marking knife and pencil to mark the position of the fingers.

Extend the lines to all sides using a Try Square and pencil.

Place the meeting edges of the two pieces facing each other and draw a series of stripes to mark the waste wood on the second piece.

Ensure that you are creating slots correlating with the fingers on the first piece.

Now that the fingers are marked on the second piece, fix it on the vice and follow the same steps as before to remove the waste wood.

Step 2 - Assembly and Glue Up.

Once the second piece is ready, use a Mallet to assemble the pieces together to check their fit.

Check with a Try Square if the two pieces are at a 90 degree angle with each other.

If the fit is too tight, make small adjustments by paring with a chisel.

If the fit is good, continue to glue the pieces together.

Apply adhesive on all the sides that will make contact.

Ensure a uniform layer.

Use the mallet to assemble the pieces together.

If the fit is too loose, you could either use a clamp to hold the pieces together while the glue dries or you may have to recut the fingers for a better fit.

Use a Try Square to ensure that the angle is right.

Before leaving the piece to dry, apply sawdust along the edges where the two pieces meet.

Apply a bit of glue along the inner corner before applying sawdust.

Once the adhesive has dried, use a straightedge and pencil to mark the portion of the fingers that extend beyond the opposite piece.

Fix the joint on the Vice and use a Crosscut Saw to cut the protruding portions.

You can also use a chisel to remove the extra bits.

Turn the piece over on the vice and flatten the fingers flush using a bench plane.

Use a Try Square against the outside edge to ensure a right angle.

Check the angle of the inside corner using the Try Square.

Fit the joint on the Vice sideways and plane along the sides, ensuring a seamless joint.

You have now learnt how to make a Comb Joint.


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