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How to Make a Cross Halving Joint - Part 2

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Take a quick lesson in cutting and assembling a cross halving joint.

This video is intended to generate an interest in woodworking as a profession.

Watch all the remaining videos in this program and use your new skills to build your favourite wooden objects.

The step-by-step instructions in this two-part tutorial will take you through everything you need to know to master the cross halving joint, a useful skill to use in your own woodworking and carpentry projects.

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If you have followed How to Make a Cross Halving Joint part 1, you are now ready to cut out the workpieces.

Watch the video How to make a Cross Halving joint part 1.

Step 1 - Sawing.

Fix the first piece on the Vice.

Using a crosscut saw or a tenon saw, start cutting along the lines marking the width of the socket.

Leava a little extra wood for finishing.

Make a series of relief cuts into the waste wood.

Ensure that you do not to cut beyond the depth mark.

Step 2 - Chiseling.

Chop horizontally using a bevel edge chisel to remove the waste wood.

Reverse the piece in the Vice and chop away the remaining waste from the other edge.

You may also turn the piece to its side and use the chisel vertically.

Now, use the chisel to pare the base and hammer the sides down to the marks, creating a smooth finish.

Use the straight edge of a ruler or try square to ensure that the base is flat.

Place the second piece in the socket to make sure the fit is snug.

Follow the same steps on the second piece to remove the waste from it.

Place the first piece in the socket to check the fit.

Use the try square to check if the base is flat.

Step 3 - Assembly.

Fit the two pieces into each other’s sockets and use a mallet to tap them in.

Use the try square to make sure that the pieces are square with each other.

If the fit is good, glue the joint, clamp the pieces together and leave it to dry.

You have now learnt how to make a Cross Halving Joint.


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