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How to Use a Pencil

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In this video, you will learn to mark woodwork using a Pencil.

This video is aimed at beginners of woodworking.

You have only just begun learning the basics of woodworking. Watch the remaining videos in this program to learn more.

This step-by-step video will take you through the different types of pencil used by carpenters. Marking your wood correctly will help you to work accurately and efficiently in your woodwork projects.

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In this video you will learn how to use a pencil.

Pencils are indispensable for marking reference lines on workpieces.

The carpenter's pencil is generally flat and has a relatively harder tip than normal pencils.

The tip is made out of hard graphite and the body of wood.

Carpenter's often keep the pencil behind their ear as it is accessible at all times.

Keep the pencil behind your ear as it is accessible at all times.

Grip the carpenter's pencil the same way you would hold a normal pencil.

If the pencil is blunt, sharpen it with a chisel.

You can use a sharpener if you are using a regular pencil.

Measure the distance at which you would like to cut the piece of wood with a ruler.

Use a ruler to Mark the same distance at the other end of the cut.

Hold a Try Square along the two points and draw a line that runs through them.

Flip the piece over to extend the line to all four sides of the workpiece.

In case you do not have a ruler or a try square, you can draw a straight line by using your ring finger to anchor your hand onto the side of the board as you draw the pencil toward yourself.

This fast marking method is satisfactory for rough work.

Avoid pressing the pencil too hard as it could break the lead.

Do not press the pencil too hard.

Do keep an eraser handy in case you make an error.

For dark woods, it is advisable to use a white charcoal pencil so that there is a good contrast.

Do not use a dark pencil for dark wood as the line will not be visible.

Avoid using wax pencils as they can leave a residue line on the actual finish.

A charcoal pencil mark can be sanded off very easily.

Once the layout has been marked, the piece is ready to be clamped and cut.

You have now learnt how to use a pencil.


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