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How to Make a T-Bridle Joint - Part 2

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Watch this video to learn how to cut and assemble the parts of a t-bridle joint.

This presentation aims at helping beginners accomplish a strong foundation in woodworking.

The joy of woodworking is made available to you right here and for free. Keep watching this tutorial series to learn more.

The step-by-step instructions in this two-part video tutorial will show you everything you need to know to make a T-bridle joint in your own woodworking and carpentry projects.

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Watch the video How to make a T-Bridle Joint Part 1.

If you have followed How to Make a T-Bridle Joint part 1, you are now ready to cut out the workpieces.

Step 1 - cutting.

Fix the mortise piece on the vice with the end grain facing up.

Use crosscut saw to saw down the lines marking the walls.

Remember to cut slightly into the waste wood so that there is material left for finishing.

Cut both lines all the way down to the floor of the mortise.

You can cut another line in the middle of the two cuts to make the next step easier.

Now, use a coping saw to saw out the waste wood.

Turn the piece to its side and use a vertically held bevel edge chisel and a mallet to even out the walls of the mortise.

You can also use the chisel horizontally with a paring action.

Use a mortise chisel to flatten the floor of the mortise down to the line.

Pare the walls of the mortise some more till they have a smooth finish.

Next, fix the tenon piece on the vice with one of the waste wood sections facing up.

Use a Crosscut saw to saw just inside the two lines marking the width of the mortise piece.

Saw all the way down to the cheek and create two more relief cuts in the middle of the waste wood.

Now, use a horizontally held bevel edge chisel and a mallet to get rid of the waste wood.

Once you have reached the halfway point, you can turn the workpiece around and start from the other side of the waste wood.

You can also turn the piece to its side and chisel vertically.

Pare the cheek of the tenon till it is smooth and flat.

When you are nearing the lines marking the width of the mortise, take the mortise piece and check the fit.

Now, turn the piece over to the second section of waste wood and follow the same steps.

Clean up the tenon on both sides by paring the base and edges of both sides with a Mortise chisel.

Step 2 - Finishing and Assembly.

Once the Tenon is complete, clamp the Mortise piece into the vice and use a mallet to strike the tenon into the mortise.

Use a Bevel Edge Chisel to flatten the ends of the mortise flush with the tenon.

Use a Block Plane to get a smooth finish.

Turn the piece around and finish all sides using a Bench Plane.

Use a try square to make sure that the pieces fit together at a right angle.

Adjust by paring further if necessary.

When the fit is good, glue the joint, clamp and leave to dry.

You have now learnt how to make a T-Bridle Joint.


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