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How to Make a Cross Halving Joint - Part 1

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Learn to mark the dimensions of a cross halving or center lap joint.

This video series hopes to foster your curiosity and encourage more people to take up woodworking as a profession.

Don't miss the second part of this tutorial at How to Make a Cross Halving Joint - Part Two.

The step-by-step instructions in this two-part tutorial will take you through everything you need to know to master the cross halving joint, a useful skill for you to use in your own woodwork and carpentry projects.

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In this video, you will learn how to make a Cross Halving Joint.

The Cross Halving or Center Lap Joint, is used in furniture and framework where two pieces of wood intersect with each other - the ‘center lap’.

Half the thickness is removed from both pieces to make sockets into which the ‘end grain’ of the opposite piece is locked.

The tools you will need are: A ruler, a try square, a marking knife, a pencil, a Marking Gauge, a crosscut saw, a bevel edge chisel, a mallet, (a clamp) and a vice.

The materials you will need are: Two beams of identical dimensions (adhesive and saw dust)

Step 1 - Marking.

Place the first piece horizontally on the table and the second piece vertically on top of it such that they a form a cross.

Hold a ruler on either side of the second piece to make sure it is centered on the first piece.

Mark two lines on the first piece using the sides of the top piece.

Use a try square to ensure both pieces are square with each other.

Use the ruler to recheck if the position is precise.

With the try square held alongside the centered vertical piece, remove the vertical piece and score a line along the edge of the try square with a marking knife.

Highlight the line with a pencil.

Continuing to hold the try square at the same position, replace the second piece on the first and pierce a mark on its other side with the marking knife.

Remove the second piece and place the tip of the marking knife on the mark you just made.

Move the edge of the try square up to the blade of the marking knife.

Score the second line along the try square and highlight it with the pencil.

Reverse the pieces and mark the width of the socket in the second piece.

Extend the lines you have made on the pieces to two more sides.

Determine how deep your socket will be.

Use a ruler and marking knife to find half the thickness of the piece.

This piece has a thickness of 2 inches and so the halfway point is at 1 inch.

Set a Marking Gauge to the the same measurement.

Now, use the marking gauge to mark the depth of the sockets by scribing between the existing lines of both pieces.

For the remaining steps, continue watching How to make a Cross Halving joint part 2.

Watch the video How to make a Cross Halving joint part 2.


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