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Filling Holes and Cracks - Part 1

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In this video, you will learn to plug a hole in a piece of wood. All information presented here is for educational purposes.

Don't miss part two of this two-part tutorial teaching you how to fill holes and cracks in your woodwork.

Got a hole in your workpiece? Help is at hand! This video will take you through everything you need to know to fill the gap discreetly.

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In this video you will learn how to fill holes and cracks in a workpiece.

The tools you will need are a Pencil, a vice, a fret saw, a marking knife, a bevel edge Chisel, a Mortise Chisel, a Mallet, a rag, a flexible scraper, a small cup to mix adhesive, a plain blade iron, a block plane, sandpaper.

The materials you will require are adhesive and sawdust, resin and hardener, a workpiece with holes and cracks, a block of spare wood and scrap wood.

To plug a hole, use a block of wood of the same variety as the workpiece that is larger than the dimensions of the hole.

Mark out diagonal lines with a larger gap between them than the width of the hole.

Clamp the block of wood on a Vice and cut along the lines with a fret saw.

Mark the dimension of the block around the hole with a marking knife.

Highlight the mark with a pencil.

Use a bevel edge chisel and a mallet to chip off the wood along the outline.

Next use a mortise chisel to remove the chunk in the centre.

You can clean up the hole with the bevel edge chisel.

Alternate between the two chisels, finishing with the bevel edge chisel.

Make sure you don't chisel too deep as the protruding piece of wood will be planed off later.

Apply adhesive on all walls of the hole.

Place the small piece of wood and lightly hammer it into place with a mallet.

Wipe off any excess adhesive with a rag.

Let the glue dry for a few minutes.

Chisel from the side if the block is protruding too much.

Use a block plane to level it.

Fine grit sandpaper can be used for finishing.

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