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How to Use a Power Drill

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Prepare yourself to use a power drill for woodworking.

The next video will teach you how to use a hand held circular saw.
This program has been created for training purposes.

Using a power drill for the first time? Help is at hand! The step-by-step instructions in this tutorial video will show you everything you need to know to use a power drill safely and effectively in your woodworking and carpentry projects.

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How to Use a Power Drill.

In this video you will learn how to use a power drill.

A power drill is an essential tool for drilling holes and driving screws.

Always wear a dust mask, safety glasses and earmuffs while using power tools.

Before handling power tools, read and follow all instructions for use, maintenance and safety provided by the manufacturer.

The power drill has a rotating chuck that holds the drill bit, a pistol grip for a firm grip and an accelerating trigger to power the motor.

A revearse switch changes the direction in which the bit turns and is used to loosen screws .

Additionally, a clutch allows you to change the torque settings between lighter and heavier applications.

The three key steps are: fixing the drill bit, drilling a hole and driving the screw.

STEP 1: Fixing the drill bit.

Select the required bit.

For more information on the different varieties of bits, refer to How to Use a Hand Drill.

Hold the chuck with one hand and open the jaws by turning the key provided with the power drill.

Slide the bit between the jaws of the chuck and tighten their hold by turning the key clockwise.

Ensure that the bit is fixed straight and secured tightly between the jaws.

STEP 2: Drilling a hole.

Mark the points you wish to drill through.

Use the punch to create a groove for the drill bit to latch onto.

Hold its pistol grip so the bit is perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece.

Make sure the switch is in the forward position.

Place the tip of the bit on the groove and press the trigger, maintaining a steady grip as it starts to rotate.

Apply pressure against the workpiece to drill a hole.

Once you have reached the desired depth, release the trigger.

Drill test holes with different kinds of bits to get used to how each one works.

STEP 3: Driving a screw.

Punch a hole into the point where you wish to drive in the screw.

Use a bit that matches the gauge of the screw that you wish to drive in.

Drill a hole as done before.

Fit a screw driver bit into the power drill.

Apply pressure and drive the screw in at a 90 degree angle.

For the screw to sit flush with the surface, use a countersink bit to create a space for the head of the screw.

Drill a conical space over the hole for the screw head.

When you need to drill to a specific depth, wrap a piece of masking tape around the bit to mark the point at which drilling must stop.

You now know how to use a power drill.


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