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How to Make a Bookcase - Part 2

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Learn the remaining steps to complete your bookcase.

The material presented may be used to learn or teach woodworking.
Make sure you watch the whole series to learn more about woodworking.

Use the step-by-step instructions in this two-part video tutorial to learn how to build a bookcase to hold and display all your favourite books.

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How to Make a Bookcase - Part 2.

If you have followed 'How to Make a bookcase - Part 1', you should now be ready to assemble the bookcase.

The key steps are: Assembling and Finishing.

STEP 1: Assembling.

Apply adhesve inside the mortise of the side panel, as well as on the tenon of the first piece.

Fit the tenon into the mortise and tap it into place with a mallet.

If the tenon is too big to fit into the mortise, you can chisel off the excess wood and try again.

Do the same with the two remaining shelves.

Once the three shelves have been fit into the first side panel, apply adhesive into the mortises of the second side piece.

Apply some on the remaining tenons of the shelves.

Fit the mortises of the second side panel onto the respective tenons of the three shelves.

Set the joints in place with a mallet and check if the shelves are at a right angle.

Next, mark two points on the outer surdace of the side panel to hammer in nails through the side of the shelf.

Watch your fingers when you use the hammer and make sure the nail goes in straight.

Once the nail is set, hammer it in a little deeper with a centre punch.

The nails will help hold the shelves together.

Continue applying nails to secure all three shelves onto both side panels.

STEP 2: Finishing.

Sand the bookcase with a random orbital sander.

Brush away the saw dust when you are done.

To learn more on sanding, watch How to use a Random Orbital Sander.

Next use a sanding block with fine grit sandpaper to sand the bookcase by hand.

Clean the surface and proceed to apply sealer with a brush.

To learn how to apply sealer, watch the video How to Polish Wood.

You now know how to make a bookcase.


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