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How to Fix a Vice on a Workbench

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This video contains instructions on how to fix a woodworking vice to your workbench.

This content aims at helping beginners discover the core concepts of woodworking.

Once the vice has been secured to your worktable, you can start to test your sawing skills. Don't miss the next video on how to fix a vice on a workbench.

The step-by-step instructions will show you exactly how to fix a vice safely on your workbench for your woodwork projects.

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In this video you will learn how to fix a vice on a workbench.

The tools you will need are a vice, a pencil, two Bolts, two Nuts, two Washers, a Center Punch, a Hammer and a Drill.

Place the vice on the workbench at the edge of the table.

Make sure the handle is jutting out so that you can loosen and tighten the vice easily.

Mark the spot where you will drill a hole using a pencil.

Use a Centre Punch to make the pilot holes.

Use the appropriate drill bit by checking if its size corresponds to the circle marked on the workbench.

Also check if the size of the drill bit and the bolt match with each other.

Insert the drill bit into the chuck of the power drill and tighten it with the key.

Make sure it is perfectly straight and without a wobble.

Drill the holes in the workbench.

Check if the bolt is going in comfortably.

Drill again if necessary.

Insert the bolt all the way in slowly.

Place the vice where it is to be fixed.

Insert the bolts one by one.

You will need two nuts and washers to tighten the bolt.

Fit the washer and then the nut below the table.

Tighten it as much as you can with your hand.

Use a spanner to tighten the nut below the table.

You have now learnt how to fix a vice on a workbench.


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