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How to Use a Wooden Mallet

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This tutorial will teach you how to use a mallet on your woodwork.

This video has been designed for training purposes.

To learn how to strike nails, watch the previous video on How to Use a Hammer.

Not sure when to use a hammer and when to use a mallet? Help is at hand! This video will show you when and how to use a mallet in your woodwork projects.

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In this video you will learn how to use a Mallet.

The Mallet is a hammering tool made with a striking face that is usually made of wood or materials softer than steel.

Mallets provide better transmission of force due to minimal rebound off the struck surface.

A Mallet has a large head that is made of dense hardwood in order to carry out heavy work without causing damage to the items or tools being struck.

The Mallet has a large, flat striking surface to ensure a square hit.

A well-designed mallet is light enough to control with ease but heavy enough to deliver useful power.

The handle is wedged into a through-mortise that extends through the middle of the head.

It is essentially used for handwork such as driving a Chisel against the grain.

Mallets are also used in assembling or disassembling joints that lock together with a tight fit.

To apply a powerful blow, grip the handle of the mallet near the base of its handle, placing your thumb along the top of the handle.

Take a long swing, using your arm, not just your wrist.

For more control on delicate jobs, choke up toward the hammerhead, and take a shorter swing.

Here you can swing from your wrist.

When chiselling down a vertical plane, such as when squaring a mortise, a wooden mallet can deliver the required cutting force to the chisel.

Remember to strike only on the face or peen of the mallet and never with the side.

Make sure the chisel is held straight and give a firm tap with the Mallet.

One firm tap is often better than many light taps as the chisel may tend to move around.

Once your mortise is ready, you can fit a tenon into it using the mallet to apply light blows.

Remember not to use a wooden mallet to strike anything metallic or sharp like a nail.

You have now learned how to use a wooden mallet.


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