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How to Make a Mallet - Part 2

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Learn to make the handle of a mallet by watching this simple tutorial.

This video series hopes to help you get started on adopting woodworking as a profession.

With your mallet head and handle ready, you are now ready to fit together. Continue to watch How to Make a Mallet - Part Three.

The step-by-step instructions in this three-part video tutorial will show you everything you need to know to make your very own mallet to use in your woodworking and carpentry projects.

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Watch the Video How to make a Mallet Part 1.

If you have followed How to Make a Mallet part 1, you can now proceed to make the handle of the Mallet.

The handle of the mallet requires a long strip of straight-grained wood.

Step 1 -Trimming the Handle.

Start by marking 2cm at the top of the strip with a ruler.

Draw a line on the mark using a Trysquare.

This 2cm section of the handle will protrude from the top of the mallet's head.

Now, place the head on the handle below the 2cm mark and trace the base of the head onto the handle using a pencil.

Use a Trysquare to draw a line upon the mark.

Mark the point where the taper ends, about two cms below the base of the head.

Trace a line along the mark with the Trysquare.

Set the Marking Gauge to 1 cm and scribe a line along either side of the handle, highlighting it with a pencil.

This measurement will depend on the dimensions of the workpiece and the width of that handle you are comfortable holding.

Here, we are trimming a 5cm wide strip of wood down to 3 cms.

Scribe and highlight the 1cm lines on the opposite side as well as the end grain.

With the endgrain facing up, fix the handle on the vice and saw down the 1 cm lines to the point where the taper begins.

Now, turn the piece over to either side and saw off the 1 cm waste strips of wood.

Use a plane to smooth down the side of the handle.

A spokeshave and chisel can be used to reach all the way to the shoulder of the cut.

Repeat the process on the opposite side.

Step 2 - Tapering the Wedge.

Place the handle on the workbench.

Use a ruler and marking knife to connect the corners of both shoulders to their respective ends of the 2cm line that marks the top of the head.

Use a pencil to highlight the lines.

Fix the handle on the vice and start paring the side down to create the taper where the handle will be wedged into the head.

The taper can be made uniform by using a plane and spokeshave.

Ensure consistency using a ruler.

Flip the piece over and repeat the same process on the opposite side as well.

Now that the basic dimensions of the handle and head are ready, you can create the through-mortise that holds the two pieces together.

For the remaining steps, continue watching How to Make a Mallet Part 3.

Watch the Video How to make a Mallet Part 3.


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