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How to Use a Jorgensen Clamp

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Learn to use a jorgensen clamp to secure your woodwork.

This course hopes to help those seeking to master the basics of woodworking.

Watch all the previous videos on how to use different woodworking tools before continuing to learn how to make joinery.

These step-by-step instructions will take you through everything you need to know to use a Jorgensen clamp in your woodwork projects.

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In this video you will learn how to use a Jorgensen Clamp.

Jorgensen Clamps are usually used for gluing, assembling and repairing furniture.

The tools that you will need are two pieces of wood and a Jorgensen Clamp.

The Jorgensen Clamp consists of two wooden jaws that are bevelled symmetrically on one end.

The Jaws are connected by two spindles going through them, such that one spindle's handle is on one side and the other's is on the other side.

The lower spindle is called the end spindle and the one on top is called the middle spindle.

To adjust the jaws, hold the end spindle with your left hand and the middle spindle with your right hand.

Crank the Clamp away from yourself to open the jaws and towards yourself to close them.

Pick up your work.

In this case, two pieces of wood that need to be glued together.

First, make sure that the jaws of the clamp are parallel to each other.

Crank both the spindles towards yourself, closing the jaws such that they make even contact with each other.

Once the jaws have been set parallel to each other, crank the spindles away from yourself in order to open the jaws.

Apply glue on the sides of the wooden pieces.

In case of a spill, immediately wipe away the excess glue with a damp cloth.

When gluing two pieces together, use waxed paper on the clamp jaws to protect them from the glue.

Slip the pieces between the jaws of the clamp, so that the work is very close to the middle spindle without touching it.

Crank both spindles backwards simultaneously to close the jaws on the work.

The Jorgensen hand clamp can also be used to hold a thin piece of wood firmly in the vice as shown.

In such cases place the object close to the middle spindle for a tight grip.

The Jorgensen Clamp can also help to hold two pieces in the exact same position as you saw or drill through them.

One other use of the clamp is to hold together non-parallel workpieces.

Adjusting the spindles independently will help distribute the pressure evenly.

You have now learnt how to use a Jorgensen Clamp.


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