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How to Use a Tape Measure

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In this video, you will learn to measure distances on woodwork using a tape measure.

This content has been developed as an aid for vocational development.

If you are comfortable using the tape measure, watch the next video in this series to learn how to use a ruler.

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In this video you will learn how to use a tape measure.

The tape measure is a hand tool used for measuring distances.

Hold the tape with one hand and pull out the ribbon with the other.

The tape consists of a ribbon of spring steel that is wound into a case on a spring-loaded spool.

The lines on the ribbon indicate increments in centimeters, inches, feet and meters.

When the lock switch is disengaged, the tape rewinds automatically.

Generally, there is a button that locks the tape when it is pulled out.

The ribbon is concave to stay rigid when pulled out.

Clasp the hook to one edge of the workpiece and pull the spool to the other end.

Tip the measuring side of the tape down against the surface.

The hook can get bent over time and may affect the measurements.

For accuracy, measure from the 1 inch or 1 foot mark and deduct it from the reading.

To make a cut, measure and mark the distance along one edge of the workpiece and then the other.

Now, connect the two points with a try square.

To check if your tape measure is accurate, hook the tape onto one end of a ruler and check if the markings correspond.

Here, you can notice a difference of 1/16th of an inch between the ruler and the tape measure.

For the inside dimension, place a piece of wood at one end and use a try square to check if it is at a right angle with the surface.

Place the ruler against it.

Pull out the tape right next to it.

Here you can see that the markings do correspond.

It is a good practice to check your tape measure from time to time You have now learnt to use the tape measure.


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