How to Make a Dovetail Joint - Part 2

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Learn how to cut and assemble a dovetail joint in this tutorial.

This video has been produced to initiate beginners into woodworking.

Continue watching the next video to learn how to make more varieties of joints.

The step-by-step instructions in this two-part tutorial will show you everything you need to know to learn how to make a dovetail joint.

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If you have followed How to Make a Dovetail Joint part 1, you can now proceed to cutting out the dovetails.

Step 2 - Cutting out the Dovetails.

Fix the piece on a vice and start cutting the waste wood with a coping saw.

Remember to cut a little away from the line so that you can finish off neatly with a chisel later.

Turn the piece of wood over on the vice and saw off the waste wood on both sides.

Flip the workpiece and do the same.

Clean the dovetails with a chisel and mallet.

Clamp the second workpiece onto the vice.

Mark out the dovetails by placing the dovetails on the first workpiece on the end grain of the second piece.

Use a pencil and try square to mark four straight lines aligned with the dovetail marks.

Draw a series of stripes to differentiate the waste wood that needs to be cut off.

Clamp the workpiece and cut out the waste wood with a coping saw.

Step 3 - Finishing and Assembly.

Use a chisel and a mallet to get closer to the dovetail line.

Use a coping saw to cut off the waste wood.

Clean the dovetail with a chisel and a mallet.

Work gradually as you keep checking the fit of the dovetails.

Fix the pieces together with the help of a mallet.

Use a try square to check if the pieces are at 90 degrees with each other.

You have now learnt how to make a dovetail joint.

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