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How to Make a T-Bridle Joint - Part 1

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This woodworking tutorial for beginners teaches you how to layout a T-bridle joint.

This series will help you digest the essential knowledge required for delving into practical woodworking.

Don't forget to watch the second part of this video before you cut and assemble your t-bridle joint.

Making a T-bridle joint for the first time? Help is at hand! This two-part tutorial will take you through everything you need to know to master the skill.

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In this video, you will learn how to make a T-Bridle Joint.

A T-bridle joint is in essence the direct reverse of a mortise and tenon joint.

It consists of an open mortise cut into the end of one piece to fit a tenon cut in the middle of the other, both extending to the full width of the mortise piece.

It provides firm mechanical hold in addition to its large gluing surface area, resulting in a strong joint.

The tools you will need are: a Ruler, a Marking Knife, a Pencil, a Try Square, a Mortise Gauge, a Crosscut Saw, a Coping Saw, a Bevel Edge Chisel, a Mortise Chisel, a Mallet, a Block Plane, a Bench Plane and a Vice.

The materials you will need are: two identical workpieces.

Step 1 - Marking.

Place the tenon piece horizontally on the table and the mortise piece vertically on top, centering it with a ruler.

Use a try square and marking knife to mark the width of the mortise piece on the tenon piece.

Highlight the lines with a pencil.

Use the Try Square to extend the lines to all sides.

Now, place the tenon piece at a right angle just short of the end grain of the mortise piece.

Use a marking knife to score the position of the shoulder.

Highlight the line with a pencil and transfer the line to all sides of the piece.

It’s common practise to make the end of the mortise piece longer than necessary and level it off later.

Use a mortise gauge to mark the walls of the mortise.

Here, we have made a 2cm mortise on the 5cm wide stock.

Center the two scribes of the mortise gauge on the workpiece.

Once they are set in the right position, scribe down both faces of the mortise piece to the shoulder mark and along the end grain.

Highlight the lines with a pencil.

Now, scribe the cheeks on the tenon piece between the lines marking the thickness of the mortise piece.

Highlight the lines with a pencil.

Use the pencil to mark a series of stripes to indicate the waste wood on both pieces.

For the remaining steps, continue watching How to make a T-Bridle Joint Part 2.

Watch the video How to make a T-Bridle Joint Part 2.


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