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How to Make an Edge to Edge Joint - Part 1

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This video will teach you to mark the layout and prepare the pieces of an edge-to-edge joint.

Anyone seeking a basic knowledge of woodworking will benefit from the instructions presented here.

This video is part one of a two part tutorial. Make sure you don't miss part two.

The edge-to-edge joint is one of the simplest forms of joint and is useful for larger woodworking projects such as table tops and chests of drawers.

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In this video you will learn how to make an edge to edge joint.

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The edge-to-edge joint is one of the most basic woodworking joints.

It is used in making wide boards for table tops, chests of drawers or sideboards.

The tools you will need are a T-bar clamp, a bench plane, a pencil, a ruler, a marking knife, a Try square, two nails, a hand drill, a centre punch, a hammer and a mallet.

The materials you will need are two pieces of wood, some scrap wood and adhesive.

Step 1 - Marking.

Cut two pieces of wood of equal size.

Place them side-by-side on the workbench.

You can see that they are not completely level and need to be planed.

Mark out a line with RULER and a marking knife on both pieces.

Highlight it with a white pencil.

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Step 2 - Planing.

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Place the first piece of wood in a vice with the edge to be joined facing up.

Plane along the edge to create a flat surface for the joint.

Check with the try square if the surface is flat.

Repeat the process on the second work piece.

Place both pieces on the workbench and check whether there are any gaps.

If needed, use a ruler and pencil to mark the uneven bits and plane them down.

In this case the pieces are perfectly flat.

Clamp the pieces in a T-Bar clamp.

Remember to use some scrap wood.

You can align the pieces with the help of a mallet.

Check with a try square if it is flat.

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Watch the video How to make an edge-to-edge joint part 2.


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