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Introduction to Woodworking

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This video will give you a short glimpse into the woodworking program.

This is the introduction to a video series covering the basics of woodworking.

Want to learn about woodworking? Then this is the playlist for you! This video will introduce you to our series of step-by-step tutorials that will take you through everything you need to know to master the basics of woodworking.

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Introduction to the Woodworking Program.

This video is an introduction to the woodworking program.


For ages, wood has been used for construction and furntiture beacause of its durability, versatality and beauty.

The fundamentals of woodworking have not changed significantly for centuries and this age-old craft is still the cornerstone of furniture making.

The woodworking program is meant for all individual who would like to discover the joy of learning thea basics of the craft.

It has been divided in several categories: hand tools, power tools, joinery and projects.


The importance of using hand tools should not be underestimated.

They allow the woodworker to acquire the fundamental hand skills and craft simple projects within a limited space and budget.

The hand tools have been divided into several sub-categories such as marking, measuring, cutting, planing, striking and shaping tools.


The modern era has witnessed a growing degree of sophistication.

The hand-held power tools have tow key advantages, efficiency and portability.

Make sure you have seen the video on safety in woodworking before learning how to use the power tools.

In this section you will discover some of the most commonly used hand-held power tools such as the drill, the random orbital sander, the circular saw, the planer and the router.


Once you are familiar with the use of different tools, you could move on to the joinery.

This section guides you step-by-step through the important traditional woodworking joints such as the edge to edge joint, the dovetail joint, the butt and mitre joint, and the mortise and tenon joint.

Joints determing the strength and longevity of projects.

The type of joint should you select depends on wood, the function and the aesthetics.


After having mastered the techniques, you are ready to check out the projects.

They range from the simple making of a mallet and making a chopping board to the more complex table and chair.

Do check out our videos on finishing such as hand sanding and polishing.

The woodworking program provides a core grounding in basic skills and technques.

Discover the joys of learning this craft and enjoy your work.


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