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Nordic Walking Values

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In this video, we interview David Deguelle, who shares his passion for Nordic Walking, as well as its key values.

This interview is one of four introducing our Nordic Walking program, designed to inspire you to have a go for yourself! Be sure to take a look at the rest of the program for more information.

Discover why Nordic Walking enthusiast David Deguelle is so passionate about his sport and what makes it different from others by watching this short interview video.

Music : ALTER K
Voice-over by volunteer: Scarlet Sherriff & Rebecca Large

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Nordic Walking Values


In Nordic Walking, you have to learn to listen to yourself very early on.

You have to focus on how you feel right from the outset.

If you want to enjoy it, you have to focus on this part of the experience.

How the poles feel, how the ground feels, how moving feels, the extension of your limbs, how the space that you occupy feels, for your body as well as your movement.

You need to stand up, look straight ahead, and hold your chin up.

These are gestures that will make you more aware, both of yourself and of your body as a whole.


Nordic Walking is just like gliding!

I'd say that once you reach a certain level, you don't have to think too much about the technique. Instead you feel like you're gliding, you feel a sense of lightness as you move. And that is something that brings great pleasure to people.

It's really something that you should aim for when you practice.

The poles are there to propel you and make you feel like you’re gliding along the ground. It helps you glide through life as well, to adapt to things better and to allow energy to circulate around your body.


It really has become a part of my life in its own right.

And then it gradually filtered into our family life as well, because my wife and I started practising together, as a couple.

We've also been on adventures through this sport, because we realised that it could be a such an incredible way to be outgoing, to reach out to people, in different countries, with different cultures.

By sharing this experience with other people, I'm gradually pushing my limits.

Technique is developed by sharing with others.

People are happy to share knowledge. And that is an important value of Nordic Walking.


I think it's a natural consequence of Nordic Walking.

When you have a good session, and you’ve really got a feel for it, you just glow.

And one of the first signs of glowing is smiling.

That's what sticks with me.

My wife and I have been through several towns while Nordic Walking and when we meet other people, we smile. This smile is infectious which just goes to show the impact Nordic Walking can have.

In Nordic Walking, you have to be generous.


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