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Working on Your Arm and Shoulder Movements

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In this video, discover some tips to improve your arm and shoulder movements when Nordic Walking to gain more fluidity.

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Optimise your arm and shoulder movements to improve your technique when Nordic Walking by watching this short tutorial.

Music : ALTER K
Voice-over by volunteer: Scarlet Sherriff & Rebecca Large

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Working on arm and shoulder movements

In this video you will learn how to work on your arm and shoulder movements in Nordic walking.

The arm and shoulder movements in Nordic walking have two features : the swinging of the arms and the rolling forward of the shoulders

We propose two exercises to help you adopt the correct movement

First exercise: swinging your arms.

This exercise is carried out on flat ground, along a straight line of at least 50 metres

Walk with your poles, exaggerating the swinging of your arms, without planting your poles.

Reach far in front and far behind

Perform this exercise for 50 metres then, without stopping, resume normal Nordic walking, planting your poles for another 50 metres

Alternate the phases of exaggerated and normal Nordic walking several times, to improve the range of motion in your arm swing during your normal walks with planted poles.

Second exercise: the shoulder movements

Hold your poles in front of you: your arms held out parallel to the ground, with the poles pointing straight down

Move your right arm forward by advancing your right shoulder, without moving the left shoulder, then return it to the initial position.

Repeat this ten times, then do the same with the left shoulder, without moving the right shoulder.

The point of this exercise is to improve your shoulder mobility during walks.

Feel free to have fun in your Nordic walking by exaggerating your movements during your outings!

Over to you!


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