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Working on Your Leg and Feet Movements

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In this video, you will learn some tips to help you improve you leg and feet movements when Nordic Walking.

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Develop your Nordic Walking technique by working on you leg and feet movements with this short tutorial.

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Voice-over by volunteer: Scarlet Sherriff & Rebecca Large

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Working on Your Leg and Feet Movements

In this video you will learn the correct Nordic walking movements for your legs and feet

First, we will look at the main characteristics of proper feet and leg movements. Then, we will show you some practical exercises.

A proper stride is composed of four elements: the heel strike, the absorption, the roll-forward, and the propulsion.

When your heel touches the ground, your leg should be extended in order to take a big step.

Slightly bend your knee to help absorb the impact of your body with the ground.

When transferring your body weight forward, completely roll your foot forward, from the heel to the tip.

Once your foot is completely rolled forward, propel yourself forward with the front of your foot. This will make your next step faster.

Here are some of our proposed exercises.

These exercises are practiced on a flat surface, over a distance of 50 to 100 meters.

First exercise: Nordic walking with straight legs.

The objective of this exercise is to make you work on the length of your strides.

Throw your legs forward, one in front of the other, whilst keeping them straight.

You will see that this puts your hip muscles to work.

Second exercise: Nordic walking on your heels.

This exercise will make you feel how much your knees are absorbing the impact

The objective is to show you how flexing your knee helps absorb the impact.

Walk with your knees slightly bent, whilst raising your toes

You can have some fun and exaggerate the absorption.

Third exercise: Nordic walking on the tip of your toes.

The goal of this exercise is to make you feel the propulsion from your toes and calves

Walk on your toes while exaggerating the absorption and the propulsion forward.

Fourth exercise: kicking up dirt.

The goal of this exercise is to make you work on pushing forward with your foot, once you've rolled it forward

While Nordic walking on dry soil, try kicking up as much dirt as possible behind you.

To do this, you will need to push with your toes once you've rolled your foot forward .

Now that you know the correct leg and foot movements for Nordic walking, you can hit the road!


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