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Six Mistakes to Avoid to Perfect Your Movement

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In this video, discover the six most common mistakes made by Nordic Walking beginners and how to avoid them.

Learn more about the Nordic Walking technique by watching the other videos in our program.

Make sure you start off on the right foot by avoiding the most common pitfalls of Nordic Walking with this short tutorial.

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Voice-over by volunteer: Scarlet Sherriff & Rebecca Large

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6 Mistakes to Avoid to Perfect Your Movement

First mistake: ambling

Coordinating your arms and legs can be difficult at the beginning.

Ambling is when you swing the arm and leg from the same side forward while walking.

To resume the opposite arm to leg movement necessary for regular and Nordic walking, stop, then start again "on the right foot".

You could also jog for a few meters, then resume your walk with the correct cadence, without stopping.

The movement will help coordinate your arms and legs again

By jogging, your body will naturally assume the right movement.

Second mistake: lack of synchronisation between your arms and legs.

The rhythm of your arms must be the same as that of your legs.

Remember that each time you plant a pole, it is equal to a step.

To help yourself, count rhythmically "1, 2 ...1, 2..." while making sure that each number corresponds to a step and the planting of the pole.

Third mistake : walking with your arms tucked in.

Make sure to stretch your arms in the ascending and descending phases of the swing.

Fourth mistake : an incomplete forward thrust.

Beginners often limit the breadth of the push of their arms on the sticks.

To avoid this error, during the forward thrust, make sure to reach out far behind you with your arms extended, while letting go of the poles' handles.

Fifth mistake : planting the poles too far ahead.

If you plant the poles too far in front of you, the angle in relation to the ground will not allow you to push yourself forward.

As a general rule, plant your poles midway through your stride.

Finally, sixth mistake : bad posture.

Do not curve your back; keep it straight and look straight in front of you.

A straight posture is essential for keeping the walk dynamic and maximising its benefits.

Now that you know what mistakes to avoid, you can perfect your movement.Over to you!


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