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How to Stretch Your Torso

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In this video, you will learn how to stretch your torso after Nordic Walking, focusing on your back and sides.

For more stretching exercises for your whole body, take a look at the rest of our program!

It's important to stretch your body thoroughly after exercising to cool down and avoid injury or stiffness. Learn how to stretch your torso by watching this short tutorial!

Music : ALTER K
Voice-over by volunteer: Scarlet Sherriff & Rebecca Large

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Marie Bouchet - Sikana
Marie Bouchet
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How to stretch your torso muscles.

In this video, you are going to learn how to stretch your torso mucles.

These exercises are done using your Nordic walking poles.

We will show you an exercise to stretch your back and another one to stretch your sides.

Don't forget that the stretching phase is supposed to be relaxing, so take your time.

Start by stretching your back.

Stick the tip of your poles in the ground far in front of you. Bend the top of your body forwards whilst leaning on your poles and keeping your back straight.

Your legs should be tensed and your chest parallel to the ground.

Roll your shoulders toward the ground and curl your head forwards.

Wait for 5 seconds and then straighten up slowly, whilst arching your back.

Do this exercise five times.

Now, stretch your sides.

Bring your poles together above your head, parallel to the ground, hands spread apart.

Tilt your chest to the left, whilst not moving your hips.

Hold this for 10 seconds, then slowly return to your initial position.

Now, do the same to the right.

Now that your back and sides are stretched, you can stretch your neck and triceps.


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