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How to Get Down from Obstacles

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In this video, you will discover how to get down from obstacles safely when Nordic Walking, without hurting your joints.

For more information, take a look at our video on Climbing Obstacles, part of our Nordic Walking program.

For your safety, it's important that you know how to get down from higher spots when Nordic Walking. Learn how to do this without putting pressure on your joints by watching this short tutorial.

Music : ALTER K
Voice-over by volunteer: Scarlet Sherriff & Rebecca Large

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DanBernal - Sikana
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How to get down from Obstacles

In this video, your will learn how to get down from obstacles.

This method will help you get down from obstacles without putting to much pressure on your joints.

Climbing down from obstacles is done in three steps: the preparation, the descent, and the landing.

Let's begin with the preparation,

Your poles should be planted in front of you, at the base of the obstacle, slightly wider than shoulder-width apart .

Position yourself at the edge of the obstacle.

Bend your knees so you are closer to the ground. This way, you reduce the height of the jump.

Let go of the handles of the poles, opening your hands so that your palms are facing the ground

Next, the descent.

Supporting yourself with your wrist straps and making sure your legs are slightly bent, place one foot on the ground, followed by the other.

Contract your abdominal muscles to better control your descent.

Finally, the landing.

When you make contact with the ground, bend your knees slightly to help absorb the impact

Once both your feet are on the ground, you can slowly straighten back up.

Now that you know how to climb and get down from obstacles, go ahead and introduce some into your routine! Enjoy your walk!.


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