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Skipping Strides with Downward Pole Thrusts

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In this video, you will discover a fun skipping strides exercise to help you improve your Nordic Walking technique.

For more exercises to build your repertoire for Nordic Walking training, take a look at the other videos in our program.

Work your calves and raise your heart rate with this simple and fun exercise!

Music : ALTER K
Voice-over by volunteer: Scarlet Sherriff & Rebecca Large

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KatharineRuff - Sikana
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Nordic Walk Exercises: skipping stride with downward thrusts

In this video, you'll learn how to do a skipping stride with downward thrusts

This exercise works your calves and raises your heart rate

It's designed to be done in a straight line, on flat terrain that's at least 50 metres long

To do this exercise with ease, we advise to you break it down into three steps; firstly, the skipping stride without poles, then with poles, and thirdly with thrusts

Firstly, the skipping stride without poles

Start by skipping as a child would, without poles, to get a feel for the movement

Swing your arms and raise your knees to get as high as possible

Secondly, the skipping stride with poles

Pick up your poles and do the same skipping as before, like a child, letting the poles naturally touch the ground, but without pushing down on them

Thirdly, the skipping stride with thrusts

Once you're comfortable with this movement, give downward thrusts with the poles to make this movement even more energetic, lengthen your strides and increase your speed

Now you know how to do a skipping stride with downward thrusts. Have fun!


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