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How to Stretch Your Pelvis

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In this video, you will learn how to stretch the muscles in your pelvis after Nordic Walking to avoid injury.

Make sure you've stretched your whole body after your Nordic Walking session- take a look at the other videos in our program for more inspiration.

Learn two exercises, one to stretch your glutes and the other your hips, that will help you avoid injury or stiffness after Nordic Walking by watching this short tutorial video.

Music : ALTER K
Voice-over by volunteer: Scarlet Sherriff & Rebecca Large

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Stretching your buttock and hip muscles

In this video, you will learn how to stretch your pelvic muscles.

The suggested exercises are performed with the help of Nordic walking poles.

We recommend one exercise to stretch your buttocks, and another to stretch your hips.

Do not forget that the stretching phase is a moment of relaxation, so take your time.

Start by stretching your buttocks.

Plant your poles in front of you, arms outstretched. Raise one leg, then bend the other to lower yourself down.

Cross the raised leg over the bent leg, as if you were sitting cross-legged.

Use your poles to keep your balance.

To better stretch your gluteus maximus muscle, bring your chest towards your knee.

Hold for 10 seconds, then do the same for the other buttock, by switching the position of your legs.

Now, stretch your hip muscles.

With your poles planted in front of you and your arms stretched out, bring one leg forward, then move the other leg behind you to sink into a lunge

Gradually lower your pelvis while keeping your back straight.

To avoid injuries, make sure your knee does not go further forward than your heel.

Hold this position for ten seconds, then slowly get back up.

Now that you lower body is stretched, you're ready for a good shower!

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