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Walking with Simultaneous Pole Thrusts

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In this video, discover the Nordic Walking principle of simultaneous pole thrusts, and how to learn this technique for yourself.

This video is one of over 35 in our Nordic Walking series, specially designed to be accessible for beginners. Why not take a look?

The pole action forms an important part of the Nordic Walking technique. Learn how to perfect this technique with this short tutorial!

Music : ALTER K
Voice-over by volunteer: Scarlet Sherriff & Rebecca Large

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SimoneB - Sikana
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Practice walking with simultaneous pole thrusts

In this video you will learn how to practice walking with simultaneous pole thrusts

It consists of getting your forward thrust from both poles at the same time.

You can use simultaneous pole thrusts to help whilst walking uphill, or to allow you concentrate on your arm movements.

To get the right movement, remember that in nordic walking your arms are your driving force.

They initiate the movement, and your legs follow.

The sequence of steps with simultaneous thrusts is carried out over three strides.

First step: Standing up straight with your feet next to each other, stretch out your arms in front of you and plant the tip of your poles behind you.

Push off with the poles and then place one foot in front.

Second step: Let your arms continue to swing backwards, letting go of the poles so as not to not break your wrists.

At the same time, bring the foot behind you forward to take your second step.

Third step: bring your poles forward to simultaneously plant them mid step.

At the same time, bring your back leg forward to take your third step.

Carry out these movements repeatedly to move foward ,

Notice that the thrust with your poles always takes place on the same foot.

You can push off with a different foot each time you go walking.

Now you know how to walk with simultaneous pole thrusts

Over to you!


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