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Preparing Your Feet: Tanning and Moisturising

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In this video, we will show you a tanning and moisturising technique to protect your feet when Nordic Walking.

For more information on caring for your feet, take a look at our video, Maintaining Good Video Hygiene, in our Nordic Walking series.

Discover a simple technique for hardening the soles of your feet whilst maintaining the elasticity of the skin by watching this short tutorial.

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Voice-over by volunteer: Scarlet Sherriff & Rebecca Large

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Preparing your feet: tanning and moisturisation

In this video you will learn how to prepare you feet for nordic walking

Nordic walking demands a lot from your feet, as they take the full weight of your body and cushion your impact with the ground. So preparation is essential !

We suggest a simple and effective method with 2 stages: tanning followed by moisturising

First of all: tanning

The aim of tanning is to harden and reinforce the soles of your feet. its a process that takes at least 3 weeks to complete

Every morning, on clean dry feet, rub the inside of half a lemon on the soles of your feet, or use a similar acid solution

The acid hardens the soles of your feet , protecting them from blisters and other injuries.Remove any pieces of lemon with a towel, and allow your feet to air dry

However, tanning does dry out your skin. It must therefore be done in conjunction with a good moisturising routine

Secondly, moisturising

This should be done in the evening, again on clean and dry feet, and aims to relax your skin, making it more resistant

Use an anti-abrasion cream or a moisturiser, or even vegetable oil; rubbing it on your feet and in particular the soles

Now that your feet are tanned and hydrated, they're ready to hit the road !


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