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Dressing for Cold or Rainy Weather

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In this video, discover how to use layers of clothing to protect yourself from cold and rain when Nordic Walking.

This video is part of a program of over 35 videos on Nordic Walking. Take a look at our other tutorials to discover more helpful advice, including how to dress when the sun comes out again!

Watch this video to stay warm and dry when power walking! Learn how to choose layers of clothing appropriate to your Nordic Walking session and adapt them when the weather gets cold and rainy.

Music : ALTER K
Voice-over by volunteer: Scarlet Sherriff & Rebecca Large

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Marie Bouchet - Sikana
Marie Bouchet
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How to dress when it is cold or rainy.

You can practice Nordic Walking even when it is cold or raining. In this video, we will show you a few tricks to wrap up properly.

First, we will talk about the multiple layers method, then, how to adjust this method to the weather conditions, finally, we will show a few useful accessories.

First: the multiple layers method.

This highly insulating method involves wearing multiple layers of thin clothes instead of one thick piece of clothing.

Usually, a multi-layered outfit is divided into three parts: the base layer, the middle layer, and the outer layer.

First, the base layer.

Really thin and fitted, it's there to expel any sweat and to dry quickly.

This layer is usually made out of polyester or merino wool

Avoid cotton, it soaks up moisture and dries slowly.

Then, the middle layer.

Looser than the base layer, and slightly thicker, it is there to insulate the body from the cold by keeping warm air close to the body.

You can choose a fleece or a thin quilted jacket.

Finally, the outer layer.

Also called the "shell", it protects the body from the wind and the rain.

You should favour breathable waterproof jackets with membranes, whoch allow humidity from the body to be released, whilst keeping you dry.

In the case of strong rain, you can wear a fourth layer that is 100% waterproof like a waxed jacket.

This layer is not breathable, so be careful and take it off as soon as possible to release sweat.

Second: how to adjust the number of layers that you wear depending upon the weather conditions.

In case the wind is strong, but temperatures are mild, combine the base layer and the outer layer.

This way, your sweat is expelled and you are protected from the wind.

In case it is cold but not windy, wear the base layer with one or more middle layers.

This way, your sweat is properly released and your heat stays close to your body.

Finally: a few useful accessories.

When it is raining, you can wear a cap to avoid rain from streaming down your face.

Breathing in cold and dry air can cause breathing difficulties.

To alleviate this issue, wear a scarf or a neckwarmer.

Finally, to protect your hands, wear gloves.

Choose gloves that are padded on the palms so that they withstand the repeated contact with your walking sticks.

Now you know how to dress for your Nordic Walking trips, in all types of weather conditions. So let's hit the road.


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