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Choosing the Correct Pole Size

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In this video, learn how to choose the correct pole size and make sure they are at the correct height.

For more information on Nordic Walking poles, take a look at the previous video in this program, How to Choose Suitable Walking Poles.

Adjusting your Nordic Walking poles to the correct height is a crucial step to make sure your stride is effective without putting strain on your body. Learn how to find the correct height by watching this short tutorial.

Music : ALTER K
Voice-over by volunteer: Scarlet Sherriff & Rebecca Large

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Carrie B - Sikana
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Choosing the correct pole size

In this video you will learn how and why to choose poles that are the right size for you

We will first see why it is important to practice Nordic walking with poles that are the right size. We will then suggest a method to find your pole size.

First, it is essential for your well-being during your walks to use poles that are the right size for you

If you choose poles that are too big, or set them too high, you will have trouble swinging your poles under your shoulders.

You will tend to plant your poles too violently in the ground, which will cause a shock to your shoulders and will damage the tips of your poles.

If you choose poles that are too short, you will reduce your propulsion

In addition, your chest will tend to tilt too far forward, which will cause unnecessary strain on your back.

Here is a method to find your correct pole size

With your feet together, plant your poles vertically in front of you.

For your sticks to be the right size, the angle between your arms and forearms should be slightly over 90 °.

You will be able to enjoy all the power of the movement, without hurting yourself! *

Now you know how and why to properly select the size of your poles. Over to you!


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