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Tips for Running in the Rain

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In this video, we will show you some hints and tips for running in rain weather.

For more advice on adapting your run to the weather conditions, take a look at the other videos in this chapter.

You can still continue your running training, even when it's raining! Find out how by watching our short tutorial.


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In this video, we'll give you a few tips for running in the rain

You can go for a run, even in the rain, provided that you are well-prepared and you know the precautions to take before and after your session.

In order that you're well prepared, we will touch on two points: the gear and equipment to take with you before the run and how to look after your body afterwards.

Firstly, the equipment

Humidity makes your feet rub against your shoes, which can cause blisters and other minor injuries.

To avoid this, you can grease the skin of your feet with Vaseline

Wear a brightly-coloured waterproof-coat that can be easily seen from afar.

Wear a cap so that your vision won't be impaired by raindrops

Protect objects that need to be kept dry by placing them in a waterproof pouch.

Secondly, how to look after your body after running.

As soon as you get in from your run, take off your wet clothes and hang them up to dry

Next, take care of your feet

Take off your shoes and look at your feet, especially your toes and heels, to check that you don't have any blisters or scratches.

Then, stuff your shoes with newspaper for faster drying.

The newspaper helps your shoes to keep their shape whilst drying, and minimises unpleasant smells

Running in the rain can be a great experience when you have all the necessary equipment and do the necessary things afterwards. Over to you!


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