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Tips for Running When It's Hot

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Learn some tips for stay cool when running during hot weather

We'll show you how you can adapt your clothing and running habits for heatwaves and hot, sunny weather in this video which comes as part of our free running program

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In this video, you will learn some tips for running when the weather is hot.

High temperatures are not an obstacle to running, but it is important to prepare well so that your run is enjoyable and totally safe.

Here are the three tips for running when it is hot: wear appropriate clothing, choose the best location and best time of the day, and adapt your training style.

Firstly, choosing appropriate equipment.

Wear a cap and suitable sunglasses to protect you from the sun and to prevent sweat from running into your eyes.

Choose clothes that are as breathable as possible.

Use water-resistant sun cream to protect your skin, even when you are sweating.

Secondly, choosing the best place and time of day.

Favour shaded places such as parks and paths and avoid tarmac roads which absorb heat.

The best times to run are the morning or the evening, when the heat is less intense.

Thirdly, adapting your training.

Start gradually so that your body can adjust to the heat.

Drink before, during and after the run.

Wet your clothes and your arms, your legs and your head whilst you run.

Finish your run gradually, then walk so that your body temperature decreases bit by bit, before going home to shower.

If you start to feel nausea, dizziness or get a headache during your run, stop running and walk to a shaded area.

When running during hot weather, use appropriate equipment, choose the best place and the best time of day and adapt your training. Over to you!


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