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SPP: Exercises on a Flight of Steps

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In this video, you will learn a series of SPP exercises to practice at home on a flight of stairs.

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SPP (Specific Physical Preparedness) is a great way of targeting certain areas of your body to prepare yourself for a run. Learn some exercises you can practice on a flight of stairs to train your legs for running up and downhill by watching this short tutorial.


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In this video, you'll learn how to do a sequence of SPP exercises on a flight of steps

SPP, or Specific Physical Preparedness makes your stride more efficient by working on specific movements during your run

For this exercise, you'll need to find a flight of steps that are even, not slippy, wide enough and of a reasonable height in order to avoid the risk of sprains

We're going to look at two types of exercises that you can do on a flight of steps: firstly climb, then descended

Firstly, exercises climbing

Run up the steps, one by one, raising your knees high up

Aim for explosive steps; give a quick, dynamic push off when your foot makes contact with the ground

This exercise allows you to work on your coordination and momentum

Next, climb the steps hopping on one leg, pushing down on the ball of your foot

Change your leg every three steps

Keep your knees slightly bent as you land

This exercise allows you to work on your landing of your footstrike and on the thrust you can generate from the ball of the foot

Secondly, exercises when descending

Descend the steps rapidly, one by one

The ball of your foot should fall perpendicularly to the edge of the step

This exercise allows you to work on the quality of the support and stability of your steps

Next, descend more slowly, jumping down from step to step with both feet, keeping them parallet

This exercise works the muscles in your thighs and quadriceps

Between each series of exercises, take a rest by running for 10 minutes at a moderate pace on flat terrain

SPP exercises allow you to improve the efficiency and precision of your stride

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