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Warming Up the Adductors and Calves

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In this video, you will learn a series of exercises to warm up your adductor and calf muscles before running.

Don't forget to take a look at the other warm up exercise videos in our Running program to make sure you're thoroughly stretched!

Watch this short tutorial to discover some exercises to integrate into your warm up session to stretch your calves and adductors before you run.


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In this video you will learn how to warm up your adductors and calves.

We will begin by looking at how to warm up your adductors and then your calves.

Firstly, the adductors.

Start by stretching the left adductor.

Completely bend your right leg and extend your left leg to the side, with your foot flat on the ground and your toes pointing forwards.

Rest your right arm on your bent knee and press on your extended leg with your left hand to further stretch the left adductor.

Now do 10 star jumps, with your arms and legs far apart.

The wide-legged jumps contract the adductor muscles which have just been stretched so that they are warmed-up before your run.

Repeat the exercise from the beginning but this time stretching the right adductor.

Secondly, the calves.

Start by stretching the left calf.

To do this, extend your left leg behind you and bend the right knee forward.

Lean against a solid object, bring your hips in towards your front leg while at the same time making sure your back heel is pressed firmly onto the ground.

Hold for 8 seconds to get a good stretch in your left calf then release.

Now do a straight-leg run for 30 metres.

Touch the ground with your tiptoes then keep your toes pointed upwards while your leg is in the air.

Straight-leg running helps to contract the calves that have just been stretched, so that they are warmed-up ready for running.

Start stretching again, this time with the right calf, then do another round of straight-leg running.

You can watch our video ' Warming-up the quadriceps and the hamstrings' to complete your lower body warm-up.

Now you know how to warm up your adductors and calves before running. Have a good training session!


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