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Tips for Cold Weather Running

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In this video, you will learn some advice for adapting your running training to cold weather conditions.

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Don't let a cold snap get in the way of your run! Discover how to handle the cold by watching this short video


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In this video, you will pick up a few pieces of advice for when running in cold weather

Running in the cold is perfectly possible, as long as you are well prepared and aware of the precautions to take before, during and after your run

To properly prepare you, we will be covering 3 top tips: your clothing, the type of shoes you need and some advice to adopt before, during and after your run.

First of all, your clothing. Your whole body should be protected from the cold.

You should wear 3 layers on the top half of your body; a first breathable layer to allow your perspiration to escape, a second layer to keep the cold out and a third protective layer to protect you from the wind and the rain.

On the lower half of your body, you can wear a pair of running leggings or tracksuit bottoms

You should also wear a warm pair of socks

Don`t forget your scarf or neckwarmer, your hat and a pair of gloves

Secondly, your shoes

Make sure the soles of your shoes have not been worn down too much so you don't slip on wet or icy ground

Thirdly, some steps to take before, during and after your run

If you are running for longer than 1 hour, take along some snacks like dried fruit or cereal bars to help you along the way

drink water before, during and after your run

When finished, hydrate your face and hands with moisturising cream to prevent skin irritations caused by the cold

IN order that your body can slowly get used to the change in temperature, don't forget to do a warmup indoors before your run.

Running in cold weather conditions can be very enjoyable as long as you make sure to take appropriate kit with you and protect yourself properly. Over to you !


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