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Downhill Running

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In this video, you will learn how to run downhill without putting your body, and especially your knees, under strain.

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Running downhill, if not done careful, can easily harm your body. Learn how to run downhill carefully and safely by watching this short tutorial.


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running downhill can seem easy at fist glance, but it can actually be quite demanding of your leg muscles.

This video will teach you the best way to improve your flexibility and work on lengthening your stride without injuring yourself

We'll start by looking at the technique of downhill running and then a training exercise to help you practice.

first, the technique

Begin running downhill and speed up progressively until you reach 60% of your MAS, then maintain this pace.

do not lean backwards. instead try to relax your body, keeping it perpendicular to the slope

if the slope is very gentle, you can put your weight on your heels

If not, try to hit the ground with the soles of your feet for maximum stability, as well as to avoid injury.

to minimize impact, shorten your stride by taking smaller steps

Lift your elbows slightly - this will increase your stability.

Keep a look out for obstacles by looking beyond your feet.

second, the training excercise

Run downhill at a slow pace for 1 minute.

walk back up to recover

Repeat five times, alternating exercise and rest phases

next, run downhill ten times at a full run

space out the descents by climbing back uphill at a light jog

This exercise will also help to improve your posture when running downhill.

running downhill stretches the leg muscles

To avoid injury, give yourself at least one day after each training session to allow yourself to stretch out.

Now you know the correct technique for running downhill. Over to you!


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