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How to Work on Your Running Stride: Exercises

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In this video, you will discover some exercises to help you work on your running stride and improve your technique.

To discover more about the basic running technique, check out the previous video in this chapter of our Running program!

It's imperative when running that you have a good stride- once you've learnt the basic technique, try out these exercises to work on the technique until you are comfortable.


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In this video you will learn how to work on your running stride with some simple exercises.

Really mastering your stride will help you to avoid injuries, and will help your overall performance.

You can watch our video on the basics of the running stride in order to understand the main principles.

We will see 3 exercises which work on your stride rate, the length of your stride, and rolling through your feet.

Firstly, your stride rate.

An optimum running speed is about 180 strides a minute.

Run for a minute and take the time to count the number of strides that you take.

Retry this, and every time try to reduce the number of strides until you reach 180.

This exercise helps you work on your stride rate.

Secondly, the length of stride.

Take 10 bounding strides.

To do this, propel one knee forward while pushing off hard from the other leg.

When you land, take a big leap, using your arms to help maintain the same stride length.

This exercise helps you work on the length of your stride.

Thirdly, rolling through your feet.

Push your heel into the ground.

Then roll through your foot and onto your toes

Take 10 steps to really feel this roll.

This exercise helps you work on the movement of the foot and ankle to develop a more dynamic stride.

Work on making as little noise as possible when running in order to reduce the impact.

In order to improve the efficiency of your stride you can work on your stride rate, the length of your stride, and roll through your foot. Over to you!


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