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SPP: Outdoor Exercises

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In this video, you will discover a series of SPP exercises to practice outside as part of your running preparation.

For more SPP exercises, be sure to take a look at the previous video in our Running program!

SPP (Specific Physical Preparedness) is a great way of training specific parts of your body in order to improve your fitness and stamina when running. Discover some exercises you can practice outdoors by watching this short tutorial.


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In this video, you'll learn a sequence of SPP exercises

SPP, or Specific Physical Preparedness, makes your stride more efficient by working on precise movements during your run

Only try SPP exercises after having completed an in-depth program of GPP, otherwise known as General Physical Preparedness. For this, you can watch our videos 'GPP: Indoor Exercises' and 'GPP: Outdoor Exercises'

We're going to look at two types of outdoor exercises: gradient training and training on mixed terrain

Firstly, gradient training

Run up a slope for 200 metres, slightly leaning forward with your shoulders back, but don't bend forward too much.

If the slope isn't too steep, put your feet down flat. Otherwise, only run on the balls of your feet

Reduce the length of your stride and increase the frequency of your arm movements to take the strain off your legs and to make your stride lighter

To get enough momentum, make sure that your back leg is extended and that only the ball of your foot touches the ground

Once you've got to the top of the slope, warm down by running back down at a moderate speed

Repeat the exercises two or three times

Secondly, training on mixed terrain

Find a route 500 metres long and made up of different surfaces, for example tarmac, grass, and a dirt track

Start off running on the tarmac, concentrating on the rolling movement of your feet with each stride

Tarmac is hard and steady, ideal for working on your technique. However, it imparts a higher shock on impact

Make sure you gently bend your knees with each stride to cushion the impact

Next, run on the grass, keeping the same pace

Grass is the surface that cushions your stride the most, so you should use your arms to help you and pack more power into your steps so that you don't slow down

Next, carry on running on a dirt track

As tracks can be slippy, ensure that you anticipate obstacles by keeping your gaze ahead of you and shortening your stride

This trains the stabilising muscles in your knees and ankles

SPP exercises on a gradient and on mixed terrain allow you to improve the effectiveness and precision of your movements. Over to you!


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