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How to Warm Up Your Quadriceps and Hamstrings

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In this video, you will learn some warm up exercises for your quadriceps and hamstrings to prevent strains and injuries.

For more warm up exercises to ensure the rest of your body is warmed up, keep watching the rest of the videos in this chapter of our Running program!

Make sure your hamstrings and quadriceps are well warmed up before you start running to prevent yourself from injuring yourself or putting your body under strain. Discover some exercises to do this with this short video.


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Emma Collingwood - Sikana
Emma Collingwood
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In this video, you are going to learn how to warm up your quadriceps and hamstrings.

First you'll see how to warm up your quadriceps, then your hamstrings.

First, your quadriceps.

Stand up with your feet close together and bend your right knee.

With your right hand, pull your right leg behind your right buttock and stretch the muscle, holding it in that position for 8 seconds.

Relax, then follow up with eight seconds of running on the spot, bringing your heels up to your buttocks and maintaining a steady rhythm.

Stretch the quadriceps of your other leg, bringing your left heel up to your left buttock.

Relax, then once again follow up with eight seconds of running on the spot, bringing your heels up to your buttocks.

Now it's time for your hamstrings.

Start by stretching your right hamstring. Stretch your leg out in front of you and push your heel to the floor.

Gently flex your left leg and bring your chest forward, pushing your buttocks back.

Hold this position for 8 seconds then relax.

Follow this by jumping on the spot for 8 seconds, extending your legs out in front of you. Next, repeat the exercise to stretch your left leg.

You can also watch our video "How to warm up your adductors and carves" in order to complete your lower body warm up.

You now know how to warm up your quadriceps and hamstrings before running. Have a great workout!


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