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Fartlek Training

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In this video, you will learn about the fartlek training method to help you increase your stamina when running.

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The fartlek method makes you alternate stages of sprinting and recovery for different lengths of time and at different speeds. Find out more by watching this short tutorial!


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This video will to teach you about fartlek training.

This flexible training method is effective for increasing endurance.

It makes you alternate stages of sprinting and recovery for different lengths of time and at different speeds, according to your needs and your environment.

To begin fartlek training, it's important to know your MAS.

To work this out, you can watch our video entitled "How to find out and make use of your MAS".

Here, we take a look at the rules of fartlek training, then at an example of a training method.

First, here are the rules you need to follow.

Before starting a fartlek session, warm up by jogging at a regular pace for 20 minutes.

During the exercise, your effort should be progressive.

Limit yourself to 6 sprint periods during your first few sessions, increasing to 10 from the 5th session.

After the fartlek session, allow for recovery by running at a regular pace for 15 minutes.

Here is an example of fartlek training.

your goal is to vary your sprints over a set period of time, depending on how you feel and your environment.

Start by sprinting twice over a period of 3 minutes at 90% of your MAS.

Allow for a 2 minute recovery period between each sprint phase, jogging gently or at a regular pace depending on your needs.

Then, running at 90% of your MAS, sprint 3 times, each time for 5 minutes.

Allow 3 or more minutes of recovery between each sprint phase.

Finish off by sprinting twice in short, fast bursts uphill, not forgetting the recovery period.

Fartlek training is a flexible and progressive training method to increase your endurance. Over to you!


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