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Lacing Your Shoes: Wide & Narrow Feet

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In this video, you will learn how to lace your shoes correctly based on the width of your feet.

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Lacing your shoes correctly is an important step to ensure the good fit of your running shoes, and there are several methods of doing this depending on the width of your foot. Learn how to lace your shoes properly by watching this short tutorial.


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In this video, you'll learn how to properly lace up your running shoes according to the width of your foot

There's different ways of lacing your shoes, so it's important to find the technique that's best adapted to the shape of your foot in order to avoid injury

We're going to look at two lacing techniques: the first is adapted to narrow feet, and the second to wide feet

Firstly, lacing adapted to narrow feet

You'll know if you have narrow feet if you feel them move around in your shoes during your run

To keep them in place, you should create a lock with your laces

Thread your laces through the first and second eyelets, then pass them through the eyelets on the same side between the second and third eyelets in order to create a lock

Now cross your laces back over through the lock

Repeat this technique all the way up to the top of the tongue, pulling the laces tight

Now your foot will be firmly held in your shoe

Secondly, lacing adapted to wide feet

You'll know if you have wide feet if they feel squashed or pinched when you run

To create space and let your feet breathe, you should cross over the laces as little as possible

Cross over your laces between the first and second eyelets, then thread them through on the same side between the second and third.

Cross them over again between the third and fourth eyelets

Thread them through on the same side between the fourth and fifth, then cross them over between the fifth and sixth

By doing this, your foot can use all the space available in the shoe

Don't forget to do a double knot to avoid having to retie your laces in the middle of your run!

Lacing up your shoes according to the shape of your feet keeps you comfortable during your run and prevents injury. Over to you!


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