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Working on Your Form

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In this video, you will learn some hints and tips to help you work on your running form, or posture.

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Perfect your posture by watching this short video- it will make all the difference to your running technique!


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Running is a sport that uses each part of your body, from your head to your toes.

In this video, you will learn how to work on your posture in order to improve your running technique.

We will see how to improve your posture throughout the run in 2 stages: first, by working on your upper body, then by working on the lower body.

Firstly, your upper body posture.

Look straight ahead in order to straighten your head and back.

Make yourself taller by keeping your back straight and well aligned with the line of your head.

This will allow you both to anticipate obstacles by seeing them coming, and to maintain a dynamic posture that will make your stride more efficient.

Slightly incline your shoulders backwards while making sure to loosen them, in order that your upper body can help you balance as it ought.

Your pelvis and shoulders should be aligned in order to avoid any imbalance.

Keep your arms in line with your body and your elbows near your bust, bent at a 90° angle : this position gives your arms some impetus in order to relieve the legs.

Keep your hands slightly open, palms facing the ground.

This relaxed pose means you won't waste energy,

Secondly, your lower body posture.

At the moment of contact with the ground, place your foot in line with your body, so that your stride will be stable and straight.

Bend your knee slightly when you place your foot on the ground in order to soften the impact.

During the propulsion, make sure your back leg is well extended and that only the point of your foot stays in contact with the ground.

This will allow you to increase the efficiency of your thrust.

A frequent error is not stretching your back leg enough to finish the movement, which diminishes the efficiency of the propulsion.

In order to work on your stride, you can watch our video "Learn the basics of a good stride".

Now you know how to posture your upper and lower body in order to improve your running technique. Over to you!


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