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Calculating and Using Your MAS

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In this video, learn to calculate your MAS and use it in your training to set achievable targets for yourself.

Now that you've calculated your MAS, you're ready to use it in your training! Take a look at the other videos in this chapter of our Running program for more ideas.

Your MAS (maximal aerobic speed) is a useful speed to know as it can help you set realistic targets in your running training to help you optimise your run and make good progress. Find out how to calculate it with this short video!


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Marie Bouchet - Sikana
Marie Bouchet
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In this video, you are going to learn how to calculate your MAS. MAS stands for maximal aerobic speed. It can help you set measurable aims during your training, so that you stay healthy whilst running,

First, we are going to learn about the importance of knowing your MAS, then how to calculate it.

Your MAS is the speed at which you run when your oxygen intake it at its maximum.

It matches your cardiovascular capacities.

The more oxygen your body is able to take in, the higher your MAS, and the greater your sporting capacity.

Knowing your MAS helps you to set running goals that are consistent with your physical abilities, and so you will avoid pushing yourself too far.

To calculate your MAS, here is a quick exercise.

Warm up, and then run for 6 minutes, as far as you can.

Keep your running speed as steady as possible.

Then measure the distance you ran during the 6 minutes and divide it by 100 to get your speed in kilometer per hour.

For instance, say you've covered 1200 meters in 6 minutes.

1200 divided by 100 equals 12.

So, your MAS is 12 km per hour.

You can only run for a few minutes at your full MAS.

For longer physical efforts, train yourself to run at 80 to 90% of your MAS.

You will then be able to maintain your speed for the duration of your run.

Now that you know how to calculate your MAS, you will be able to fully enjoy the benefits of running.

Over to you!


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