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What you are going to learn
Michael Lecoquen - Sikana Expert

Michael Lecoquen

Michael Lecoquen is a coach at Puy en Velay athletics club. Each year, he teaches the basics of runnings to beginners, accompanying them over the course of their development.
With a wealth of experience both as a teacher and a runner, he has contributed to each lesson, offering advice and tips.

Ludovic Plantefeve - Sikana Expert

Ludovic Plantefeve

Ludovic Plantefeve is a guide for vision-impaired runners. For several years, he has accompanied his running partner through training sessions and competitions. A specialist in various guiding techniques, he's lent us his expertise on the subject.


Keen to start running? Discover our running program, with over 40 tutorials to get you started on the right foot! Over the course of this program, we will show you how to learn and develop a good running technique through our short and simple tutorials. By following these videos in order, you will gradually acquire all the skills and learn all the movements you need to perfect your technique, as well as learn some best practices. This program has been specially designed to be accessible to beginners, as well as to more experienced runners looking for exercises to practice and improve their existing skills.
This program was made thanks to the support Decathlon, Sikana's Sports Partner. It was created with the participation and expertise of Michael Lecoquen, an athletics coach who specialises in running training. Ludovic Plantefeve, a guide to visually impaired runners, also lent us his expertise to help us make the "Guiding a Visually Impaired Runner" video.
This program targets eight key areas: choosing the right shoes, preparing for your first outing, warming up, learning the basic technique, progressing to take your running further, adapting your run to the weather, stretching and cooling down, and guiding a visually-impaired runner.
Running is a great sport that will encourage you to push yourself further and find personal fulfilment, with plenty of memorable moments along the way, whether you run on your own or share the experience with others. Over to you!

Program details

Viewing time: 94 min

Number of video(s): 43

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