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How to Manage Your Effort

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In this video, learn how to handle the physical effort of your run to improve your performance and consistency.

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Discover how you can work on your breathing and on your steady state pace to better manage the effort exerted when you run by watching this short video.


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In this video, you will learn how to handle physical effort when you are running.

If you are able to maintain a consistent level of effort throughout your run, you will benefit in your performance and in consistency.

We will see how you can manage your physical effort in two ways: by working on breathing, and on your steady state pace.

First of all, your breathing.

To learn how to breathe with your stomach, start by standing at ease.

Slowly inflate your stomach, breathing in through your mouth and nose.

Exhale for as long as you can by holding in your stomach. Your back should stay straight and you should feel your shoulders relaxing.

Then train yourself to breathe from your stomach whilst walking.

When you feel that you have mastered this breathing technique, train yourself to practice it while running.

Concentrate on exhaling by tightly contracting your abdominal muscles.

Abdominal breathing is the most effective technique in maintaining a good speed throughout your run.

It prevents you from feeling that you can't breathe when you're running.

Next, your steady state pace.

To assess your steady state pace, run while talking out loud.

If you manage to do this without getting breathless, you are going at the right speed. if not, slow down.

Once you have found your endurance speed, train yourself to hold it for 10 minutes without stopping, then lengthen this period by a few minutes every time you run.

This speed will allow you to adapt your exertion so that you do not run out of breath too quickly.

It's a starting point from which you can progress.

To manage your physical exertion better, learn how to breath from your stomach and work on your stamina. Over to you!

Over to you!


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