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A Guide to Stretching

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In this video, you will discover a series of stretching exercises to practice after your running training session.

For more ideas for easing any tension in your muscles from running, take a look at the rest of this chapter in our Running program!

Stretching is an important stage of your workout as it prevents you from straining your muscles. Find out how to stretch effectively by watching this short tutorial!


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There are different types of stretches which can be beneficial for a runner, but only if they properly master the technique.

In this video you will learn how to do static stretches, which are important for a good recovery.

Do these at least 2 hours after you exercise.

To help your recovery, we are going to see how to stretch every muscle used during your run.

First, the quads.

Lean against a tree with your left hand.

Keeping your legs together, take your right foot in your right hand and draw it towards your right buttock.

Hold this position for 8 seconds, keeping your back straight, then relax and change sides.

Second, the hamstrings.

Extend your right leg in front of you, with your toes pointing upwards and the heel pushing into the ground.

Gently bend your left leg and tilt your chest forwards, trying to push it towards your right thigh.

Put your hands on your thighs to balance and to better feel the stretch.

Hold this position for 8 seconds then change leg.

Third, the adductor muscles.

With your hands on your hips, stand with your feet about 1 metre apart.

Bend the left knee and push downwards on your left leg, keeping your right leg straight.

Hold this position for 8 seconds then change sides.

Fourth, the calves.

Lean against a tree with both hands.

Bend the right leg and step back with your left leg, keeping the feet aligned.

Push your pelvis forward, keeping your back straight and your left heel flat on the ground.

Hold this position for 8 seconds then change leg.

To make this exercise more difficult, you can try placing your heel further back.

Fifth, the lower back.

Sit crossed-legged, with your hands on your knees and your chin lowered.

Stick out your chest and grow as tall as you can by inhaling.

Hold this position, holding your breath for 6 seconds.

Sixth, the upper back.

Stand with your legs a shoulder-width apart and your knees bent.

Clasp your hands and turn them outwards, then push them out in front of you, rolling down through your head and upper back.

Seventh, the arms.

Put your right hand on your left shoulder. Push down on your right elbow with your left hand, so that your right forearm is perpendicular to the ground.

Keep your back straight and hold the position for 8 seconds, then change arm.

Now you know how to stretch to recover after a run. Over to you!


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