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GPP: Outdoor Exercises

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In this video, you will discover a series of GPP exercises you can practice outside to prepare for a run.

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GPP (General Physical Preparedness) exercises are a great way of preparing your body for a run without injuring yourself. Discover a series of exercises to practice outside by watching this short video!


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GPP, or General Physical Preparation, is a method of preparing your body for a run and avoiding the risk of injury

In this video, you'll learn a series of outdoor exercises

Do these exercises after a 20 minute warmup jog

We're going to look at four types of exercises: high knees, butt kicks, strides, and sidesteps

Firstly, high knees

This exercise works your quadriceps and hip muscles , which power the forward thrust of your knees during your run

Raise one knee, then the other, pushing down on the ground

Keep your upper body straight and use your arms to help add momentum to your movements and to keep your balance

Do this a couple of times back and forth without stopping over a distance of 30 metres

Secondly, butt kicks

This exercise works your hamstrings

Quickly raise one heel to your buttocks, then the other

Lean forward slightly

Bend your elbows and use your arms to help you to keep your balance

Do this back and forth a couple of times over a distance of about 15 metres

Thirdly, strides

This exercise strengthens your thigh muscles

Keep your legs straight and lean back slightly with the upper half of your body

Touch the ground with your toes, then point your toes upwards when your leg is in the air

Fourthly, sidesteps

This exercise strengthens your inner thigh muscles

Jump as high and as fast as you can to the left

Then jump to the right

Do this twice more

Now you know which GPP exercises you can do outside to warm up for your run. Over to you!


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